Vadrouille (Rambly)


Rambly is a 52 pages acrylic painted comic book, written and illustrated by Hila Noam. Published in Feb 2019 in French by Éditions Même Pas Mal.
Rambly is a furry cat who enjoys life. He likes to take walks around the neighborhood, sleep on high trees, hunt birds and get petted by random strangers. Especially when Tammy’s at School. When Tammy comes home, Rambly always waits for her with souvenirs from his daily walks hidden in his fur. One day, he brings with him something weird and intriguing. Tammy decides to go on a dangerous quest – to find out where Outside spends his days without her. Jonathan, her good though easily spooked friend, is unwillingly dragged into this secret mission, in which the two of them will come across the dark parts of their neighborhood and discover the spine chilling world of Dr. Owlish, their horrifying neighbor.
The book will soon be published in Hebrew.

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